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Strider Parts & Accessories

We offer fun accessories sold exclusively here. Get the helmet that looks like a pro, the spare wheel to help you go, or the skis that let you bike on snow!
  • Strider Rocking Base

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  • Detailed view of the Easy Ride Pedal Kit for the Strider 14x Sport balance bike

    Strider 14x Easy-Ride Pedal Conversion Kit

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  • Strider Ultralight Wheel

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  • Red Strider Mini Grips for 12 Sport and 12 Pro balance bikes

    Strider Sport/Pro Grips

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  • Studio detail of Strider Performance Seat

    Strider Performance Seat Standard Post

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  • Studio detail of Strider Performance Seat

    Strider Performance Seat XL Post

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  • Black Strider Classic grips for 12 Classic and 14x Sport balance bikes

    Strider Classic/ 14x Grips

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  • Studio detail of the Strider Standard Stem

    Strider Standard Stem

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  • Studio detail of Strider High-Traction Wheels

    High-Traction Wheel Set

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  • Strider 12 Snow Skis and attachment hardware.

    Strider 12 Snow Skis (Set)

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  • Detailed shot of Strider 14 Snow Skis

    Strider 14x Sport Snow Skis (Set)

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Outline of a Strider balance bike